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Tiefenpfleger glänzend

Tiefenpfleger glänzend hält Kunststoffe geschmeidig und ...


Lasting protective paintwork sealing, suitable for all ...

Car Fresh

Eliminates unpleasant odours quickly, safely and enduringly

Carnauba Tech Plus

Exclusive Longterm Paintprotection

Clima Fresh Summerbreeze

Fresh odour for your air condition

Clima Fresh Tropic Peach

Fresh odour for your air condition

Cockpit Lotion

A deep satin shine for all plastics

Engine Cleaner

Engine Cleaner is a solvent-free universal power cleaner

Glass Cleaner

Extra stark, für innen und außen

Insect Remover

Insect Remover removes insect residue quickly and easily

Interior Cleaner

Power cleaner for general use

Leather Care

Cleaning and care balsam for leather

Polish & Wax 1

Polish & Wax 1 is a paint sealant developed especially for ...

Polish & Wax 2

Polish & Wax 2 is a paint protecting sealant especially ...

Polish & Wax 3

Polish & Wax 3 was developed especially for the treatment ...


The complete single-step paintwork finisher


The universal paintwork cleaner

Rim Cleaner

Extra strong, acid-free rim cleaner

Shampoo Concentrate

Shampoo Concentrate is a high-yield care and cleaning ...

Shampoo Concentrate

Shampoo Concentrate is a high-yield care and cleaning ...


Paint care and outstanding shine – quickly and easily

Star Protect

Reifen- und Kunststoff Intensivpflege

Tiefenpfleger seidenmatt

Seidenmatte Intensivpflege und Farbauffrischung für alle ...

Vinyl Star

Colour freshening and intensive care for rubber and plastics

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